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Angela Shuman (Bunde, 11 September 1974), is an artist, composer and producer.

After her recording contract with EMI Belgium, she has been co-producing with René Shuman since 2000. Since 2003 they have been on stage together as the duo Shuman & Angel-Eye, Mr. & Mrs. Rock'n Roll. Angel-Eye composes and produces music for commercials, leaders and artists. She wrote many well-known advertising tunes and leaders, including for Audi, Profile de Fietsspecialist, Arke Reizen, Rabobank, Sony.

She also produced for other artists and record companies including EMI, Arcade and Byte Records. In Belgium she had a recording contract with EMI as lead singer of the group Tiger Tiger, a project in the style of Phil Spector. Angel-Eye was responsible for compositions and Guy Chambers, writer and composer of Robbie Williams' hits, also contributed compositions for this project. She plays guitar, piano and saxophone and studied piano as a major at the Maastricht Conservatory. From the age of 18 she has a production company and publishing house called AudioNet.

René Shuman contacted her following a TV documentary in 2000 about her activities. Together they produced the leader for an Audi commercial that has been broadcast worldwide. They also produced Shuman's comeback album 'Set the clock on Rock' in 2001. From 2003 they continued successfully together as a duo under the name Shuman & Angel-Eye. Since then she has been producing their joint TV productions.

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